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The Initial Vision Meeting

Consists of a meeting or multiple meetings with the end user discussing what they would like to see within their space(s) CS consulting will take notes and use these notes to compile a list of crucial features the system will need to have. If the end user doesn’t really know what they would like to see, CS Consulting would bring up features that they feel would be a good fit for the end user and ask the end user if that is something they would like to pursue.

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The CS Design Process

CS Consulting has a design process tailored to provide the most linear, efficient and transparent experience for our customers. We have prefected this process with years of experience working on projects across the United States.

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The Operational Narrative:

CS Consulting Compiles a narrative which will consist of: the scope of rooms, features the end user is requiring within each room or globally across the facility. This will be sent out to them. They will then verify with a signature that nothing is missing to the scope of the project. This also a good time to discuss additional features that came to light and see if they would like to incorporate those features.

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The Initial Bill of Materials:

Once the Narrative has been approved, CS Consulting will start the design process with an initial bill of materials. This bill of materials will consist of the core products that are needed in order to make the system perform to the end users’ requirements and expectations.


Budgeting the Final Vision:

The initial bill of materials is used to get a budgetary number of what the Initial Vision is projected to cost. If budget becomes a problem this is where we work with the end user to cut features back to make the system fall within the budgetary constraints.

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Reflective Ceiling Plans:

The system falls within the budget. With the Floor plans (DWGs) from the architect CS Consulting now puts pen to paper and places the devices on the floor plans of the building to give everyone a general idea of where devices will be located. This should be verified with the architect during the design process and if ceiling placement issues arise CS Consulting will work with the architect to come up with alternative solutions.


Design Schematics:

A system wiring schematic is drawn up.

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Wire Schedules:

A Schedule of all cables, Cable types, connections, and terminations is compiled. Each cable will have a label to ensure nothing is forgotten.


Network IP Address Schedules:

A schedule of all equipment to be placed on the network is compiled, with IP addresses and vlan information.

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With the help of the architects’ plan elevations. CS Consulting can place devices on the walls and give precise locations and measurements.


2D Wi-Fi Coverage Models:

CS Consulting can compile a document with the coverage patterns of specific wi-fi access points. To ensure proper bandwidth and coverage is attained within your building

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2D Speaker Coverage Models:

CS Consulting can compile a document with coverage patterns and SPL levels of loudspeakers to ensure proper sound levels will be attained within your space.


Bid Specification Package

If this project is required to get sent out for bid. CS Consulting can compile a package of all requirements, Approved alternates, Programming requirements, licensing requirements that the bidder will need to have present in order to bid on the project. This helps make sure the bidder is well aware of the scope of the project, able to install the equipment and program the project properly.

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Consulting on received bids:

CS Consulting can review each bid for you and make sure their bid is aligned with what is required and help you make a determination on which bid is the best decision.


Consulting on install/commissioning

CS Consulting can verify that the install is aligned with the bid specification and consult on the programming of the hardware making sure it is programmed properly, the user interface is sleek, user friendly and has all the features that were requested in the bid specification package.

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